We were delighted to have our first full table reading of Come Find Me – A Christmas Musical at Industrious Dallas on Friday, October 27, 2017. A talented group of actors from the DFW area jumped in with both feet and brought personality and depth to both the characters and the story. After pizza and a great read, we all brainstormed on how to lean further into some of the story elements. So beneficial to hear fresh insight from experienced actors! Ideas fresh and brewing, Eric and I (Holly) later hashed through notes and explored possible new additions to the second act. We’re off to great things, we’re off and away!

come find me table read gifts

Special thanks to these new and old friends who gave our characters a voice: Westin Brown, Steve Schreur, Devan Harris, Brandon Summers, Dawson Holder, Frank Holder, Daniel White, Heather Ganson, Daylon Walton, Shane Summers