Update! The “Sensational” Project has been released! Click here to see these amazing young artists performing Sensational along with Broadway’s Jaden Waldman.

We think children and youth on the autism spectrum are pretty “Sensational” and would love to celebrate their creativity and talent through a new video project!

We’re looking for autistic singers, dancers, and instrumentalists, ages 8-24, to perform our song “Sensational.”

Participants will submit a self-recorded video (see tips below), and we’ll create a montage music video to celebrate their artistic individuality. This is NOT an audition. All submissions will be included!

Deadline to submit is March 15, 2021. 

Here are some tips on how to successfully submit:

All submissions:

  • Video: This can be shot on either a smartphone or video camera
  • Video: Shoot this in LANDSCAPE mode (horizontal)
  • Video: Be sure you have good lighting in front of you and no lights or windows behind you.
  • Video: Shoot in front of a plain, simple background if possible.


  • Video: This should be close-up with only the singer’s chest and head in the camera. Don’t shoot full-length.
  • Audio: Play the track through headphones and record only the singer’s voice (no track should be heard in the recording)
  • Audio: A microphone setup is best, but you can sing into an iPhone if necessary
  • Audio: Be sure the microphone is not more than 15 inches from the singer’s mouth
  • We would suggest doing the audio and video recording at the same time so the vocals line up, but they can be done separately if that’s easier.


  • Video: Shoot in landscape mode
  • Video: We’d like to see both the musician and the instrument in the video
  • Audio: The microphone on the video recording device is sufficient. No other microphone is necessary unless you prefer to use one.


  • Video: Shoot in landscape mode
  • Video: Record in an outdoor setting if possible.
  • No audio is necessary.

(Want to read the context for the song in Come Find Me? Read the synopsis here.)

Deadline to submit is March 15, 2021. You may submit up to 3 videos. Email info@comefindmemusical.com with questions.